Nika Meyers

nika “early bird” meyers

To walk among the wild things, to take time to really see and not just look, and to create pieces that celebrate raw beauty are part of who I am. Imagination, curiosity, migrations, physical and mental challenge, wild places, trails, and the interconnectedness of this world inspire me to dream big. 

The process of making art transports me to places and moments that are full of magic, change, wild silliness, and demanding challenge. It helps me to tell stories, support conservation projects, and advocate for public spaces. There is no way to fully re-create a sunrise dancing across a high ridge or the emotion that comes from being present for a miracle or the gratitude for having an unforgettable conversation, but I strive to bring parts of that energy into my work. 

Born and raised in the hills of Bridgewater, VT nestled among fresh produce and hardwoods, I grew up believing that anything is possible. I have always been inspired to live, work, and dream in the outdoors and am currently creating a life in Colorado. The wild and rugged landscapes have become more a home than any space with four walls and moving at a 3 mile an hour pace is where I find the most peace.


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